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Ambien is a drug which is being widely used for the treatment of sleeplessness or insomnia all over the world. According to careful statistics more than twenty three million people in just America are suffering from insomnia. The number of these sufferers is increasing with each passing day. The reasons behind this restlessness are attributed to many factors like environmental fluctuations, social problems, financial deprivations, and domestic disharmony etc. A sound sleep is very necessary for enjoying good health. Sleeplessness may result in the development of many mental and physical diseases. For the treatment of insomnia doctors prescribe Ambien and regard it as the most efficacious remedy for sleeplessness condition. Doctors are of the opinion that the drug Ambien has no prominent side effects in general but it’s intensive and constant use may cause particular problems for some users. These problems may be enlisted as:

1-Some user may nauseate after the administration of Ambien.

2-Some cases of vomiting have also been reported by its users in specific conditions.

3- There are some users who have developed anterograde amnesia after the reckless use of Ambien. It is a disease which gives rise to loss of memory.

4-It has been noted that constant use of Ambien may cause hallucination. It is a condition when someone feels as if some unreal things are around him in real. It is a mental disturbance which gives impression as if the sufferer is seeing things which are not physically present.

5-Some users may undergo through the troublesome effects of delusion.

6-The constant use of Ambien may cause lack of acuity. The sufferer may find it difficult to concentrate on any thing or idea. His thoughts get altered and he finds it buy ambien difficult to make any decision.

7-The user of Ambien may also suffer from ataxia which may badly affect motor coordination system and retard the performance of the sufferer.

8-The continuous use of Ambien may result in the development of euphoria.

9-Sometimes the user of Ambien may feel insatiable appetite. He feels that his stomach is empty even after having a lot of meal.

10-The constant use of Ambien may affect the sexual power of its user. Its excessive use may debilitate retentive power and may decrease sexual excitement. In some patients, however, this case may take turn to increase in sexual urge which may sometimes be uncontrollable.

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11-It has also been observed that excessive use of Ambien can cause introversion behavior on the part of its user. The person may get his social behavior changed. He tries to keep himself aloof from any social activity or gathering. He prefers to spend segregated life and drowned in his own thought.

12-There are many users who complain of headache after the excessive use of this drug. In such situation if its use is not weaned off this trouble may become more excruciating.

13-The constant user of Ambien may sometimes get addicted to it. When he abandons it the condition of insomnia may relapse with more intensity.

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However, the proper use of Ambien under the advice of a competent doctor is harmless and useful buy ambien cr online for the treatment of insomnia.

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